How To Launch A Magazine

Book review: How To Launch A Magazine In This Digital Age

How to Launch a Magazine in this Digital Age By Mary Hogarth. Edited by John Jenkins. Bloomsbury, 2014 Disclaimer: I am a contributor to this book. Falling share prices, magazines folding and journalist redundancies – these are the symptoms of an industry attempting to grapple with the decline of print media and the rise of […]

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Blogging in Russia – a video on Al Jazeera English

While blogs and citizen media may only rarely break controversial stories in the UK, in countries like Singapore and China, where mainstream media is controlled by government, they often have a much greater impact. This special edition of Witness broadcast on Al Jazeera English highlights the importance of blogging to the public sphere in Russia. […]

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Punishing Reporters for Truth in a Censored Media – Abby Martin & Amber Lyon

Abby Martin takes a look the state of media today, highlighting instances of journalists who have gone against the editorial lines of their respective networks. Abby also speaks with investigative journalist and former CNN reporter Amber Lyon, about her experience with media censorship and the topic of journalist integrity in time when disinformation is abound.

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A local TV revolution begins in Grimsby

In the video the Daily Politics discusses Local TV. It sounds like an odd place for a revolution in TV to start, but Grimsby in the north east of England is where it is all kicking off.  This is the home of  Estuary TV  one of 19 local TV stations to launch in the UK. […]

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Writing a dissertation – tips for undergrad journalism students

These tips are based on my experience of supervising undergrad students last year. It’s not meant to be a supplement for reading a decent book on writing dissertations or, indeed, information from a tutor. 1) Get the info you need: What’s the word count? What are the key deadlines? Stick this by your bed, by […]

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