The concept (part 2)

I’ve still not explained the reason for starting this blog.

Well, first and foremost, the aim is to experiment with TypePad and Moveable Type.

  • Second, the aim  is to act as an online dumping ground for articles that I quite like (and I don’t want to forget about). 
  • In regard to the above, I hope that my students will also find some of the articles and links on the site interesting and useful.
  • I want to investigate a VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) known as Moodle. We currently use something called Learnwise from Granada Learning (now part of ITV!). Learnwise is expensive and isn’t very good. Moodle is cheap/possibly free and Open Source – we like!
  • Keen to experiment with Podcasts.

There are things I care deeply care about which, I hope, I can AVOID talking about. These subjects include any issues to do with the running of South West Trains. Or any talk of replacement lifts and Homes for Islington.

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