CNN wants your free clips

Video sites, such as Google Video and YouTube, have gathered significant amounts of user generated (citizen journalism) footage from war-torn Lebanon. A vid on YouTube currently causing a stir is this one from a young Lebanese Boy.

Meanwhile CNN has launched a user-generated content website called CNN Exchange. Viewers upload their content FOR FREE, but in exchange for what exactly?

i-Reporters, as CNN has now dubbed its unpaid contributers, should upload their video clips and digital snaps for no other motive than to provide copyright-free content to Time Warner corp?

Closer to home, if you’re fortunate or unfortunate, depending on your perspective, to be at the scene of a disaster or bombing in Southampton you could upload to Meridian News, which has been demanding you hand over clips and copyright for some while.

Anyone with good content should at least contact one of the new generation of ‘content brokers’. These guys attempt to sell content on your behalf. See Scoopt

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