Telegraph opens its doors to the bloggers

It was open house at the Telegraph’s new, sexy, fully-converged, digital newsroom on Thursday night.  Journalists, students and bloggers met to debate the latest trends in converged journalism and take a tour of the new HQ. 

If like me you couldn’t make it, Ken Young has posted a summary of the key points on The UK Mobile Report.

It seems that the Telegraph has plans to create a ‘MySpace-style area’  to allow readers to create their own web pages. It sounds similar to what the Daily Express has done with the MyExpress community section. Whilst dirty Desmond’s paper isn’t exactly known for web innovation (the site was crap until quite recently), it’s done a good job and will appeal to a target audience who want an easy way to save links and post comments.

The event is likely to be the first of a series, so keep an eye on Shane Richmond’s Telegraph Technology Blog for the details.

Image above is of the Newsroom "hub". Credit and thanks: Telegraph/Clare Kendall.

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