So You Want to Learn to Code?


10,000 Word considers the issue

We are not suggesting that you give up studying journalism to become a computer programmer, but it worth having enough understanding to know how story ideas can be communicated online.

HTML, in particular has a common sense logic to it and is not hard to learn. Database related programming tends to me more complex, but you’ll find plenty of books on PHP or MySQL in most large bookstores and university libraries.

There are a number of free tools online which will help you:

  • Code Academy
    One of the best ways to learn JavaScript, and it’s not bad on HTML and CSS either. It also runs CodeYear a series of free courses that encourage anyone to learn to code in a year.
  • Khan Academy
    Free online courses in a range of subjects, including computer programming and entrepreneurship
  • Girl Develop It
    91% of all web developers are men says the site. So this site provides tutorials and inspiration for women looking to get into web development.
  • Yahoo! Pipes
    Develop a mashup using a graphical interface. It allows you to combine APIs to bring content together from a wide range of sources. This can be useful for computer-aided research.
  • MIT App Inventor
    Classes in simple Android app development aimed at students on non-computing courses using a graphical interface. Designed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Google.



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