Mobile Video Journalism – London Riots Example

The potential power of mobile-phone journalism was shown during coverage of the 2011 London riots. Using just an iPhone, Sky News journalist Mark Stone captured some of the most striking footage of the riots.

His confrontations with the looters engaged viewers and the impact of his work was immediate: his footage led bulletins on Sky and was used by rival TV networks across the globe. Online he was trending on Twitter within an hour of the video being filmed. Within 24 hours his video mate- rial had been viewed by nearly a million people online.

Stone’s reporting earned him a lot of admiration. Here are some of the Twitter responses to his reports:

  •  ‘Have to say, what a great job Mark Stone is doing tonight. Very courageous journalism’ – @skynews via @HayleyRockss
  • ‘Mark Stone is super brave. He’s reporting from all over with his bike and camera phone’ – via @6inch- stilettos
  •  ‘Love it, my colleague @stone_skynews is currently trending worldwide on Twitter for his reporting’ – Mark Stone via @fieldproducer
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