About NJR

So what is New Journalism Review?

It covers online journalism education from a UK perspective. Mobile journalism, CMSs, fake news, verification of news, user generated content and social media..that kind of thing.

New Journalism Review was born in May 2006 and was originally hosted on TypePad (if you remember that?). It moved to its current home at www.NewJournalismReview.com in December 2009 on WordPress.

I would like to say the title of this blog reflects the ‘new journalism’ that was closely associated with Tom Woolfe in 1970s America,  however it takes its name from a discussion about whether  ‘blogging is journalism’ (or the ‘new new journalism’ as some said in 2005-06).

Blogging isn’t journalism, however it’s quite a useful debate to have in seminars.

Mentions of NJR

New.Journalism.Review has been featured in the Times Higher Educational Supplement- By The Blog, Academics Tread Carefully.

It is also being archived by the British Library Blog’s Collection as ‘a site of research interest’.

Twitter & Quora

Keeping this blog up to date has been a challenge, to say the least. I Tweet (see @Pow365)  and use Quora more than I blog these days. I also run a few Facebook Pages.

The Small print

Disclaimer: Needless to say, this blog is written in an entirely personal capacity. The views expressed are purely my own and should not be confused with that of my employer(s). No responsibility is taken for content linked to or re-Tweets.