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Facebook mobile users braced for more ads

Charles Arthur writing in the Observer today explains how Facebook’s share price has bounced back thanks to an improved mobile offering.  Analysts say around one in 20 items in a user’s Newsfeed is now an advert. This is the preferred revenue model as traditional banner ads just don’t work on mobile. Interestingly, all these commercial […]

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Mobile Journalism in 2013: A brief overview

Mobile smartphones and tablets are said to be convergence devices in so far as they bring together a lot of media functionality. They are mini-computers in our pockets which allow us to  create, edit and view text reports, still digital images, audio and video on the go and upload this content directly to websites. We […]

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Mobile Trends 2013

This aims to be a very short introduction to MoJo – mobile journalism. This is a booming area at the moment with sales of tablet computers – most significantly the Apple iPad (the dominant brand) – rocketing in recent years.  This has led to the once dominant PC manufacturers (think Dell, HP etc) to reassess […]

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Mobile broadband reviewed in PC Pro

This month's PC Pro magazine (available in the UK, August 2008 issue) reviews the mobile broadband offerings from UK operators – 3, Orange, 02, T-Mobile and Vodafone. The article compares the services on price, ease of use, speed etc. It's certainly the most comprehensive review that I've read to date. I was particularly interested to […]

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