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Writing a dissertation – tips for undergrad journalism students

These tips are based on my experience of supervising undergrad students last year. It’s not meant to be a supplement for reading a decent book on writing dissertations or, indeed, information from a tutor. 1) Get the info you need: What’s the word count? What are the key deadlines? Stick this by your bed, by […]

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Google Chromecast lacking apps

The super cheap (just £25) Google Cromecast is causing quite a stir and could be an ideal way to turn a non-smart TV into a media streamer.  It’s loads cheaper than rivals Apple TV, Roku and WD TV currently available.  However, TechRadar has given it a lukewarm review.  It states: The good news for Google and […]

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Enders says mobile is hitting mag consumption

 Enders is responsible for some of the most incisive media trend analysis around today,  even if it makes somewhat depressing reading for those of us who still love our glossy mags in paper format.  It states in a briefing today:  Magazine consumption and advertising will be more affected by the explosion in mobile device ownership […]

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Joomla! versus WordPress 2013

I teach journalism students to use both Joomla! and WordPress. I spend more time on WordPress as my general feeling is that WordPress has improved over the years while Joomla! has stagnated somewhat. Two years ago Web Designer magazine commissioned me to write a feature about Joomla!. It was part of a series of articles […]

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Book writing tips: technology to make writing less painful

So you’re writing a book, are you mad? Writing a textbook is painful. It invariably entails long hours in front of a computer and it requires huge amounts of organisation. The book I co-authored, Online Journalism: The Essential Guide, weighs in at around 120,000 words. As a journalist, I am used to thinking about word counts in terms of feature article lengths. Most features I would write or commissioned were typically in the region of 3,000 words. This word count is manageable to research, draft, re-draft, edit and proof. But writing a book isn’t just 40 x harder than writing a feature article, it feels much worse than that.

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