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Blogging in Russia – a video on Al Jazeera English

While blogs and citizen media may only rarely break controversial stories in the UK, in countries like Singapore and China, where mainstream media is controlled by government, they often have a much greater impact. This special edition of Witness broadcast on Al Jazeera English highlights the importance of blogging to the public sphere in Russia. […]

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Mobile Video Journalism – bail-hearing of Oscar Pistorius

Sky News journalist Alex Crawford uses a mobile phone to report from inside the court during a break in the bail-hearing of Oscar Pistorius in February 2013. The Paralympian sprinter is accused of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. Sky News went live to Alex Crawford who broadcasted from within the court using just a smartphone. […]

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Mobile Video Journalism – London Riots Example

The potential power of mobile-phone journalism was shown during coverage of the 2011 London riots. Using just an iPhone, Sky News journalist Mark Stone captured some of the most striking footage of the riots. His confrontations with the looters engaged viewers and the impact of his work was immediate: his footage led bulletins on Sky […]

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Google Chromecast lacking apps

The super cheap (just £25) Google Cromecast is causing quite a stir and could be an ideal way to turn a non-smart TV into a media streamer.  It’s loads cheaper than rivals Apple TV, Roku and WD TV currently available.  However, TechRadar has given it a lukewarm review.  It states: The good news for Google and […]

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