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Raab's blog compared to Featherstone and Watson.

Dominic Raab, MP – the ‘Quiet Man’ of Political Blogging

The Hansard Society is an important organisation which promotes political participation. It states: ‘Civic society is most effective when its citizens are connected with the institutions and individuals who represent them in the democratic process… There has never been more urgency for Parliament to engage with the public.’ It is clear that blogs, Twitter and […]

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Tories to curb BBC spending (and, yes, Rupert Murdoch will be very happy)

It's Saturday and The Guardian is running yet another story about BBC funding. So what's new? Well, stories with an anti-BBC slant normally appear on a Monday and are confined to the Media section rather than splashed on the front page, so I'm already confused. This time the Tories are saying that the BBC's growth […]

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