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Examples: university news sites

I took a long trawl through the list of journalism undergraduate degrees listed in the Guardian University league tables for journalism looking for a public-facing journalism course news site – the kind of thing that the BJTC seeks to encourage.

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Running a journalism newsday (part 3)

A study by John Mathews and Kate Heathman of Liverpool John Moores University involved a survey of students working on a journalism news website at LJMU. It described a mostly positive experience and provides many useful tips for those looking to run similar newsgathering operations.

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Running a journalism newsday (part 1)

Most university journalism degrees include newsdays or news production workshops where students work individually and in teams to produce a media output of a professional standard. This series of posts aims to discuss the value of newsdays based on my experience running a unit that offers a similar workplace simulation. Part 1: Introduction, learning by […]

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