“The concept”

The idea behind this blog is inspired by Yahoo! and The Guardian. I’m a big fan of Yahoo! Yes, I use the email and have My Yahoo! page set up. I know, in these days of Google, it’s increasingly uncool to support the old guy. But a couple of months ago I found myself investigating  Yahoo! 360. This is the company dipping its toe into the world of blogging and "Social Networking".

To cut a long story short, after two minutes of investigating 360, I found the service was easy to set-up, but limited in scope (i.e. you can’t customise it all).

I still liked the idea of setting up a blog, so yesterday (I’m on Easter break) I checked out a few of the rivals. Blogger was an obvious start. I had tried setting up a blog before here and it works fine. It’s not particularly customisable, but it is very easy to use. I looked at MSN Spaces (similar probs to Yahoo!), Worldpress (which I still quite like the look of) and this one – namely Typepad.

I am interested in getting into Moveable Type – so, with a bit of luck, I will be able to host it on Blueyonder eventually.

The Guardian comes into it, mainly because I am fed up with reading zillions of articles (on a daily basis), proclaiming that this is some kind of revolution in journalism. I will talk more about this in the future. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I dismiss it totally. But surely there must be some consideration of audience size and reputation.

For those still selecting a host for their blog(s), PC Mag has an old-ish, but still useful, review of all the blog services. Web User* also has a moderately well-written article on the topic. But ZDNET has a better review.

(Notes: Web User was a rival to my old magazine. We were better, but we folded – thanks Emap).   

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