Galloway and the Fake Sheikh

Galloway posts ‘fake sheikh’ photos – Daily Mail

Unmasking the ‘fake sheikh‘ – Channel 4 News (Video) 

So the pictures of the NoW’s ‘Fake Sheikh’ have been posted at George Galloway’s website.

Few questions…when exactly were these pictures taken? Surely the ‘Sheikh’ would have changed his hair cut since THE 1960s!! If he hasn’t, well he probably deserves to be beaten-up by "the hundreds" of gangsters who NoW claim to have put behind bars.

"Mr Mahmood, the News of the World’s "fake sheikh", claimed that the Bethnal Green and Bow MP’s release of the photos on a Respect website posed a risk to his well-being and that of his family." –

…..Well, one of the (very old) photos published today has been available on the web for ages. Just Google it! It was also printed in The Observer a couple of years ago. So what’s the issue?

But it raises the debate over legitimate undercover investigations versus the use entrapment. It appears that the ‘Sheikh’ probably employs both of these methods.   

I can’t forget the rather pathetic attempts at entrapment employed by the TV journalist Donal McIntyre. Surely his lowest moment was during his attempt to get mugged in Brixton. The TV critic David Rowan makes some interesting comments on his blog here about this style of undercover investigation. The Indie described McIntyre as having: "all the journalistic impulses of a soft-shelled crab" – which seemed quite appropriate.

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