Big media Murdoch man attacks Blogs

Paul Hayes, MD Times Newspapers, told Internet World (annual IT trade show held at Earls Court, occasionally Olympia) said that "relatively few [Blogs] will be read beyond the narrowest of audiences. Most will disappear unnoticed and, frankly, unmissed by the world".

This is the kind of self-satisfied comment you can expect from those that work in established media. But let’s not forget Murdoch has made more than his share of Net blunders. Only two people in the world can even remember the little known Murdoch-backed auction site called The wannabe eBay rival snuffed it in  April 2001, after just six months online. That was after heavy TV advertising featuring the likes of Bruce Willis.

There was the failure that was "Current Bun", an ISP which closed in 2000. Let’s not forget Line One (another ISP) or (a weird recruitment site, that was a spin-off from the Sunday Times).

All these websites: "disappeared unnoticed and, frankly, unmissed by the world". is the only surviving website from this era. Hmmm…. we wonder why?


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