Murdoch on MySpace

Read the July issue of Wired whilst enjoying a Starbucks in Borders. It has stunning cover and a reasonably enlightening interview with Murdoch about the News Corp. purchase of MySpace.

Murdoch on newspapers.."Can newspapers make money online? Sure. Can they make enough to replace what’s going out? At the moment, with the Internet so competitive, so new, and so cheap, the answer is no. But don’t look at it as a newspaper – look at it as a journalistic enterprise. If you’ve got authority and trust, if you can make the news interesting, you’ll survive."

Murdoch on buying MySpace.. “You want to learn from MySpace. Can you democratise newspapers, for instance? What does it mean for how we do sports or politics? I don’t know – no one does. I just know we’ll figure it out.”

Read the full article by Spencer Reiss

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