Playing around with InDesign CS

Just had a play around with InDesign CS (1, not 2) and I really like it. For us Quark people it takes a while to get used to the Adobe interface. The ‘control’ palette in InDesign (what Quark people call ‘measurements’) is docked at the top by default and I can’t help but move it to the bottom of the screen, where it ‘belongs’.

I really like the ‘story editor’ function and the ease in which ‘runaround’ can be applied (far superior to Quark). But I keep losing  the numerous different ‘pallettes’ on my small laptop screen – particularly the ‘pargraphs’ palette.  InDesign also takes an age to load on my, frankly under-powered, six year-old, should be dead, laptop. QuarkXPress seems much leaner and faster.

But InDesign seems to offer far more control than Quark – which  has got to be a good thing. Quark’s days are certainly numbered.

Link: Adobe InDesign CS Reviews. Desktop publishing Reviews by CNET

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