More listening to Podcasts….

Rajar, the folk that compile UK radio listener figures, has decided to compile stats about podcasts as well.   

A recent press release has some interesting figures:

14.8% of mp3 player owners (or about two million people) listen to UK radio station podcasts.

3.5 million adults (9.7% of mobile phone owners) listen to the radio via their mobile phones and this percentage increases to over a fifth (21.7%) of mobile phone owners aged 15-24 (1.4 million).

About 20% of radio listeners access via the Net.

What does it all mean? I’m buggered if I know. A bit of context would help. Rajar only look at listeners to UK radio stations, so it can’t tell you about podcasts in general. It also doesn’t clearly differentiate between people who listen to podcasts on their PCs, live streaming over the web and streaming of non-live programmes. I also don’t think (I may be wrong) it compiles data about numbers listening to streaming Internet-only radio, like the rather brilliant Yahoo! Launchcast.

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