Convergent journalism…two new-ish books

Two new-ish textbooks about online journalism…..

1) Stuart Allan’s book – Online News: Journalism and the Internet is now in the library.

Allan is head of journalism at UWE Bristol and, when I get a moment, I’ll post some detailed comments here. It discusses the rise of ‘citizen journalism’, a phrase I personally despise. I think ‘participatory journalism’ is a better description of what’s happening.

Allan also examines the rise in online journalism and relates it to a number of key news events:

  • Oklahoma City bombing
  • The Clinton-Lewinsky affair
  • September 11 attacks
  • War in Iraq
  • London bombings
  • Hurricane Katrina

2)  Convergent Journalism: An Introduction by Stephen Quinn (Editor). It took ages to arrive from Amazon, but it seems worth the wait.

The book is based around research at the University of South Florida in 2003 which concludes: "Dealing with media convergence in college journalism education is an urgent necessity."

Quinn says that journalism students need to be taught, "multidimensional news reporting over multiple platforms." The books deals with plethora of ‘platforms’, including PDA, mobile phone, web, podcast, blog etc.   

Dr. Quinn, a lecturer at Deakin Uni,  Australia, has written quite a few practical guides to journalism and they’re always very readable. Highly recommended.

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