Current TV: YouTube without the fun?

Al Gore, the former US vice-president, is launching Current TV in the UK.   

The idea is to encourage the British ‘yoof’ to take part in the political process by inviting them to make films about issues they feel strongly about. These are then uploaded to the station’s website.

Gore said: "The television medium for 50 years has had the depressing effect on the conversation of democracy by excluding individuals…..

But the new affordable digital tools of both cameras and digital video cameras and laptop editing systems now make it completely feasible for individuals with accessible training to participate in the conversation.”

In the US the idea has taken a blasting in the mainstream press. Described as "YouTube without the fun stuff", Current TV employs "editors" to ensure quality. But surely when you start to employ human filters – aren’t you missing the point of what Web 2 is about. The reason why YouTube succeeded is because of the wide variety of un-edited, trashy and very funny content. Editors didn’t control it.

As has been discussed many times, good journalists want to be paid. Yet again, this is another broadcaster that feels they can make money off the free content of others.

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