Web writing tips and resources

Consider the differences between print and online media and how the job of web journalist is different to that of a print or broadcast journalist.

Consider use of text, images, links and other multimedia content. Also research the global nature of audiences of news sites. The library has books on online writing – Journalism Online by Mike Ward is an old classic. Online Journalism: Principles and Practice by Foust (I’ve ordered it and it should be in the library soon) and Convergence Journalism by Kolodzy are also worth a good look. A full reading list is on Learnwise for the Online Journalism unit.


Poynter – useful guide to online writing. Excellent general journalism site.

Mindy McAdams – Writing tips from a lecturer in online journalism at Uni of Florida. She is the author of Flash Journalism – it’s in the library.

Online Journalism Review – plenty of useful material here.

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