Blogging is the BMX of 2006

If you’re not blogging by now, well, chances are you probably won’t ever blog – that’s according to Gartner (a tech analyst firm). The number of Blog’s will peak in early 2007 at 100 million (give or take a few thousand!).

Can’t stop the blog…
Gartner also said that there were now a large number of ex-Bloggers – people who had just given up. Around 200 million people had already stopped blogging. The reasons given were often due to not having time to update regularly or they simply lack interesting things to say.

So blogging may well be the craze of 2005-2006, but next year we’ll all be up to something else – perhaps we’ll revert back to BMX? Speaking of which, I was absolutely in love with a white Raleigh Burner as a kid – it’s great to see BMXman restoring them.

Other stats:
Last month, Technorati reported that
100,000 new blogs were being created every day.
1.3 million blog
posts were written.

Technorati tracks more than 57 million blogs
It believes around 55% are "active" (i.e. they’re updated at least every
three months).

For more festive IT predictions see the Gartner Blog 

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