Some good Web 2.0 sites

Techcrunch has just announced its list of Web 2.0 sites that it "can’t live without".

As with the list of 2006, the theme is very much "social networking" and "location based /mapping" sites.

No sign of MySpace on the list. Bluedot replaces my old fave How I despise the punctuation, it reminds me of all those times I had to write about some web design software known as HoTMetaL Pro.

TypePad certainly has a serious rival in the form of WordPress, particularly since it launched a free hosted version earlier in the year which is very easy to use. 

But the future, of course, is Web 3.0. This will be about "virtual worlds" (apparently). I really want to get into Second Life, but according to founder Philip Rosedale (interviewed in .Net this month) it takes around four hours for a new user to even start to work out what’s going on – quite a "barrier to entry".

But I like the idea that Reuters has its own virtual newsroom located in Second Life. 


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