Sony Radio Award goes to ‘underground’ podcast

So the Sony Award for Internet Programme goes to……Firin’ Squad Unsigned Podcast.

Crack open the champagne! Sony has recognised that Internet broadcasting can offer something a little different to mainstream radio.

"They [the judges] particularly praised the use of the medium to promote up and coming artists in a narrow community of enthusiasm, which might not find a voice on traditional broadcast channels."

It’s great to see that Sony has gone for a programme from a non-traditional source and a little more ‘underground’. That said, even though Firin’ Squad plays music from ‘da street’- its long list of producers, editors and writers is distinctively ‘big media’.   

So it’s a good start. But wouldn’t it be fantastic if next year the Internet Programme Award  went to a podcast produced from a bedroom in Barking, using a £10 microphone from eBay, a free copy of Audacity and a lot of creativity?

The winners and losers 
Firin’ Squad Unsigned Podcast

Firin’ Squad celebrates on MySpace

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