Why read The Independent newspaper?

Charles Arthur, former technology editor, launches a lengthy and stinging attack on cutbacks at the newspaper.

I remain loyal to the The Independent for the following reasons:  (unfortunately the list gets smaller each day..)

  1. It courageously opposed the Iraq war at a time when prestigious newspapers in the UK and the US were shamefully misleading their readers about the real reasons for going to war.
  2. Robert Fisk.
  3. The tabloid size. Berliner format is ok, but tabloid is still easier to read on the tube.
  4. I like some choice in the morning. I would be gutted to see it go. Is this misplaced loyalty?
  5. Business coverage (marginally better than that of The Guardian).

Things I can do without –

A) The Sunday Independent – seriously, what is the point?
B) A crap website –  ditto the above.
C) News stories lifted straight from PA – I can get that from TheLondonPaper / LondonLite / Daily Express.
D) Wall charts. Has anyone ever got the Blu-Tak out and stuck one of these on their living room wall?

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