QuarkXPress 5 is free again…on your marks, get set…

QuarkXPress 5.01 is on the free DVD that comes with the current issue of Computer Shopper, available in most newsagents in the UK in December for around £4.99. It has on the cover: "Perfect PCs". You normally have to get a registration code by visiting the website mentioned in the mag. and you often need to apply for the code within a limited timeframe, so you’ll need to hurry.

Quark 5 was released in 2002. Quark 7, which is the latest edition, will set you back around £900. If you have that kind of money, be sure to compare it to the cheaper (some say, better) Adobe InDesign CS3

But this free version would be  brilliant for any small businesses on a budget or charities that need to produce a magazine or newsletter using a powerful bit of software. It’s also great for any students who want to begin learning Quark. Some local newspapers are using even older versions than 5. 

There isn’t much difference between Quark 5 and Quark 6. Although Quark 7 is a significant upgrade.

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