Pimp your Joomla! “ride” with extensions

Here is a quick list of really useful Joomla! Extensions that I have successfully installed. I’m a near Joomla! newbie,,,so if I can install them they must be pretty easy!  Basically extensions are optional improvements you can make to your Joomla! site and CMS. 

JCE (a fantastic WYSIWYG editor)

This really falls into the "essential" download category. You’ve installed Joomla!, now download this! This text editor is more user-friendly (i.e more ‘Word-like’) and offers more text formatting possibilities than than TinyMCE (the standard editor you get with Joomla!). Inserting and resizing images is a hassle with the standard text editor – this works much better. But be warned JCE stores images in a different place than with TinyMCE –  this is another reason why it pays to get it set up early on. Any idiot can install it, here is an easy to follow Flash tutorial here. If it doesn’t appear , make sure that it is enabled for your particular user-name.

All Videos Plugin (an easy way to include vids, whether you host them yourself or have bunged them on YouTube).

It gives you the ability to easily embed online streaming
videos  (e.g. hosted on YouTube) inside your content as well as your own videos
uploaded on your server. Just place a tag inside your content like
{youtube}374536{/youtube}. It’s worth noting that it needs to be installed in the Manbots section, even though it’s called a plug-in. It claims to be able to cope with ALL videos and the list of places you can host your vids is really long….e.g. YouTube, Metacafe, Yahoo! Vid etc etc etc. The one place it seems you can’t host is on Brightcove though. JoomlaWorks also does Simple Image Gallery for still images.

mXcomment (people can comment on your content).
This plug-in from Visual Clinic allows people to comment on your content, but it does a heck of a lot more than just that! Users can print, email, bookmark the article, add it to and find related articles. The buttons that appear on your site look brilliant, imagine the Apple website’s sleek design. You can tinker with what appears on your site using the equally sexy interface below. A fantastic replacement to AkoComment (also from Visual Clinic). A rival to mXComment is JomComment, which also has many fans.

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