What’s a blog for? Allow Sky News to explain…

There was an ugly scrap this week on the Sky News blog  – Boulton and Co. It involved a silly little competition to name the plane that Gordon Brown flew to the States in. See Plane Stupid – Adam Boulton Blog

In the post, the Sky News blogger described Brown’s plane as a ‘pimpmobile’ – surely not a description that would be used on-air?  And some even suggested that the post was breaking UK political broadcasting impartiality rules.

This raises interesting issues about how UK broadcast journalists handle blog content. I’m sure one day Rupert Murdoch will get his evil way on impartiality and find a presenting slot for Bill O’Reilly on Sky. But until that day comes, it seems that Sky blogs should be IMPARTIAL and that means Boulton and co shouldn’t be taking sides.   

The fuss resulted in an explanation – [What’s a Blog For?]. The actual justification for (the not very funny) post seems to be that it was a comment on ‘poor media management’ delivered in an ‘accessible’ way. Well, that’s important comment. 

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