End of teaching for Xmas

This semester has been absurdly and stupidly busy. And I've not even looked at the marking yet. Thankfully, the new and converged journalism degree seems to have gone down very well with the students. .

Just one problem:
A new degree structure x new units x increased teaching hours

           = zero time to reflect or do anything else write, for instance.

We're also taking the students to New York in January, which is very exciting for all concerned.We hope to get them to NYU. So if I can take this opportunity to make a rather cheeky public appeal to Dean Olsher and Jay Rosen … would wonderful to meet up! (hint!, hint!).

(Lets hope, with some careful tagging, my appeal will make it on to Google!)

One Response to End of teaching for Xmas

  1. Andy December 18, 2008 at 12:20 am #

    Sounds like you have had a similar semester to me 🙂
    Glad the degree is going well and New York! Good luck with that