Enders says mobile is hitting mag consumption

 Enders is responsible for some of the most incisive media trend analysis around today,  even if it makes somewhat depressing reading for those of us who still love our glossy mags in paper format. 

It states in a briefing today: 

Magazine consumption and advertising will be more affected by the explosion in mobile device ownership than they were by the desktop internet – classic magazine ‘time’ is being eroded.

We kinda know that much already. Heck, the other half would rather spend her evenings at NJR Towers playing Candy Crush than watch her new fave show Phone Shop. Forget picking up and reading one of the many unopened Economist mags we have around. 

Enders continues:

In addition to the ubiquity of free digital content, publishers are also challenged by the myriad of digital services that disrupt the extensive role magazines have long had in the discovery to transaction funnel.

Opportunities exist for publishers and brands in the new ecosystem and their biggest challenges will be in harnessing the right skill sets and structuring operations for effective execution.

 Oh yes, the ‘discovery to transaction funnel’. You could just say, people aren’t going out and buying the products they see in magazines anymore. Marx and many feminist writers would presumably be quite happy to see this break in the consumption circle. However, the role of so called ‘lifestyle magazines’ in selling us expensive crap we don’t need has always been of interest to academics. I guess now we just spend money on apps instead. 



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