A local TV revolution begins in Grimsby

In the video the Daily Politics discusses Local TV.

It sounds like an odd place for a revolution in TV to start, but Grimsby in the north east of England is where it is all kicking off.  This is the home of  Estuary TV  one of 19 local TV stations to launch in the UK.

The next to launch has been the Archant newspaper-backed Mustard TV (based in Norwich, the home of Coleman’s Mustard and Alan Partridge). This was followed by London Live launched on 1st April 2014. This is by far the largest and most important local TV station. If London Live fails to be financially viable then there really is no hope for Jeremy Hunt’s TV revolution which is based on the American model of commercial and community-run local TV stations.

London Live is backed by  Evgeny Lebedev owner of the London Evening Standard and, for the time being, The Independent.

These channels appear on Channel 8 on Freeview and there are many more to come such as This Is Solent for Southampton.


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