Communities, Interaction and Entrepreneurship

Section 3 looks at Building Communities, Interaction and Entrepreneurship. The web was never ‘just another technology’, the social nature of web communication was an essential feature right from the very start. In chapter 8 we discuss various new roles for journalism. We look at the social journalist, how journalists interact with user generated content (UGC), it takes a critical look at the citizen journalist and considers the journalist as entrepreneur. It is now essential that journalists are trained in the use of mobile technology for both content creation and output and chapter 11 looks at this area.

8 Social Media and Building Online Communities

So What Exactly Is Social Media?
How Does Social Media Relate to Journalism?
How Journalists Use Social Media
Interview: Zoe Kleinman, Technology Reporter, BBC
Finding Stories on Social Media
Handling Hoaxes
Facebook Pages
Encouraging Users to Share News Content
Levels of Engagement with Social Media
Academic Concerns about Social Media
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9 Blogging and Participatory Journalism

What is a Blog?
Blogs as Citizen Journalism
Do Blogs Expand the Public Debate?
Setting Up a Blog
Setting Up a Blog on WordPress
Writing Your First Blog Post
Categories and Tags
Plugins and Widgets
How to Cope with Comments
Taking Your Blog to the Next Level
Key Academic Issues in Blogging
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10 Freelancing and Entrepreneurial Journalism

What is an Entrepreneur?
How to be an Entrepreneur
Learning to Fail Well
Interview: Mike Butcher, European Editor, TechCrunch
Going Niche and Hyperlocal
Online Local News
How Sites Generate Revenue
Google’s Role in Online Advertising
Writing a Business Plan
The Freelance Journalist
Interview: Fiona Webster, Freelance Journalist
Commissioning Editors
Freelance Finances
Why all Journalists Need to Learn about Business
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11  Outputting for Web, Smartphone, and Tablet

The Digital Newsroom
Headlines and Deadlines
Interview: James Fyrne, Co-Founder, SoGlos (
Setting Up a News Site
Open Source Content Management Systems
Setting Up a News Site Using Joomla!
Programming Languages
Editorial Issues in Website Production
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Creating Apps for Mobile Smartphones
Intergrated Development Environments
How to Design an App
iPad and Other Tablet Computers
Creating Magazine Content for the iPad
Key Academic Issues in the Digital Newsroom
Further Reading