Section 1 of the book – Foundations of Online Journalism – covers core journalism skills for the new digital age.  Early in the chapter we look at mindset skills – those skills which new journalists need to develop to cope with the constant and rapid change in technology and working practices. It then looks at understanding how users interact with media content. Within this chapter, we consider Jay Rosen’s concept of ‘the people’ formally known as the audience’ in detail. 

1 What Are the Essential Skills?

The Multimedia Mindset
Traditional Journalism versus the Multimedia Mindset: a Conflict of Interests?
Multimedia Working Practices
Mobile Reporting Tools
Going Mobile
Mobile Operating Systems
Smart Smartphone Features
Apps for Journalists
Understanding the Media Business
Interview: Kim Gilmour, Freelance Journalist and Author
Journalism as a Conversation
Data Journalism: More than Pretty Pictures
Case Studies
Tools of the Data Journalist’s Trade
Further Reading

2 Understanding Your Users

Why Online Users Are Different to Newspaper and Magazine Readers
How We Seek Out News Based on Niche Interests
Personalized News
Sites that Provide Personalization
Challenges Posed by Personalization
Social Bookmarking Sites
How Users Multi-Task
Analysing User Behaviour
Problems with Analytics Data
Writing an Audience Profile
Interpreting the Data
The Digital Divide
Further Reading